About the New Zealand Rabbit

The New Zealand Rabbit was developed in the United States and recognized by the ARBA in 1916. They were a game changer for breeders at the time due to their fast growth rate and size. Reds were the first variety, but eventually got over taken by the Whites due to the fact that their pelts could be easily dyed.


Today the New Zealand Rabbit is one of the most sought after breeds for meat production. They are excellent mothers that produce large litters of fast growing kits. Fryers typically reach 5 pounds by 8 weeks, which makes them the breed of choice for most commercial operations.


They are recognized in Black, Blue, Broken, Red and White. At maturity New Zealand bucks typically weigh between 9-11 pounds and does between 10-12 pounds.


We currently raise Red and Broken Red New Zealands using natural and holistic practices, without the use of antibiotics or other pharmaceuticals. We feed New Country Organics pellets, high quality grass hay and fresh greens (when in season).

Our New Zealand Rabbits

Lop Lolly's Bear

Red New Zealand Buck

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Lop Lolly's Sage

Red New Zealand Doe

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Lop Lolly's Willow

Booted Red New Zealand Doe

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